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You are the BEST at being YOU!


Service Prices

Choose which service you're interested in...


Guidance Session


See schedule for availability

Typically 60 minutes, depending on topics being covered the reading can go slightly over. Availability calendar is currently under construction to find a balance of 'why in the hell is this not working' and 'well that was easy'. Thank you for your abundance of patience with this.

60-minute Guidance Session


Emergency Guidance Session


When waiting for an opening just won't do

Feel like you are about to lose your shit? Feel like your head is spinning and you can't deal any longer?  Have a time-sensitive matter that you need assistance with? Then this is the option for you. 

20-minute Emergency Session


Home or Office Cleansing

$44/1,000 sq ft

Varies (One hour minimum)

1,000sq ft or less

1,001-2,000sq ft

2,001-3,000sq ft

Home or Office Cleansing

Service Prices

Choose the service that best fits your needs.


Couple's Session


Because you're worth it!

Your past can cause fear-based habits & insecurities. The links aren’t always clear until they’re mapped out from a different perspective. Bring the best version of you to the table with new insight.


Full Chakra  alignment 

& Aura Cleansing


Many ailments are in response to blocked chakras.

As a Reiki Master Practitioner, I am blessed to be able to offer energy healing in addition to my other services listed. Holistic and energy healing offers a bountiful basket of benefits that pharmaceuticals cannot.


Monthly Special


discount for couple's reading in March

Because if it wasn't for you, my business wouldn't be what it is today!

Personal Reading

Couples Reading

Home/Office Cleansing

Energy Healing Session


Biomagnetism Therapy

Biomagnetism therapy is a scientifically proven and a non-invasive therapeutic approach to healing. This life-changing treatment differs from traditional medicine, homeopathy, herbs and natural therapies as it involves specific placement of (North/South polarity) high gauss/medical-strength magnets in carefully calculated constellations over the area of the body being treated. The accurate placement supports regulation of pH in these specific areas of the body. When we maintain adequate pH, homeostasis may be reestablished so that the body can heal itself. From physical ailments, to mental, behavioral, and emotional struggles, Biomagnetism could be what gives you your quality of life back!



"A kind gesture can reach a round that only compassion can heal." -Steve Maraboli

Thank you for the donations and gratuities! Very much appreciated!!